How Evolving Short-Term Rental Laws Are Affecting Corporate Housing In San Diego

San Diego Bay

The San Diego Bay

Editor’s Note: This article was originally  published on the San Diego Tourism Authority’s website.


With a variety of dining options, landmarks and beaches, San Diego has become one of the nation’s top tourism destinations. But new regulations have been imposed or are being discussed for San Diego County that could reshape the region’s tourism industry.

Since April 2015, the San Diego City Council has discussed tightening restrictions on private homeowners renting out their residences as vacation lodgings. Credit the “shared economy effect,” there has been a proliferation of people renting out entire homes or single bedrooms for short-term stays.

The council has debated preventing homeowners from renting out their property to guests staying fewer than 21 days. The issue isn’t confined to the city of San Diego either, as Solana Beach just enacted regulations on short-term rentals fewer than 7 days in length and Coronado bans home rental stays of fewer than 26 days.

The concern behind these new laws is that the online sites don’t properly screen property owners for guest safety and that these properties have an unfair advantage against licensed establishments (like hotels or bed and breakfasts). Several permanent residents are also worried about a growing chasm between themselves and the vacationers in their communities.

Many cities in California have already enacted laws affecting the short-term rental industry. San Francisco became one of the first when it prohibited some types of rentals that lasted fewer than 30 days. But San Francisco’s response was based on rising rent costs and the area’s housing shortage crisis.

San Diego is in a completely different situation due to the impact these restrictions may have on the tourism industry. By eliminating short-term housing, these areas have reduced the number of lodging options for tourists, which can raise the average price for a room. More choices for vacationers can often lead to a cheaper stay.

Carlsbad had tourism in mind last year when it limited short-term rentals to only the areas within the city’s coastal zone.

The local cities looking to regulate this industry have applied varying rules and restrictions depending on each area’s needs and worries. In the case of Carlsbad, these laws change from block-to-block.

Because there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, staying up-to-date on the constantly-evolving laws in every city can take all the fun out of a San Diego vacation. That’s why it’s important to rely on a respected voice within the hospitality industry.

Instead of having to trust some guy online with a spare room for rent, add confidence to your next vacation by booking through one of the premier leaders in short-term furnished apartments – Synergy Global Housing.

Sample living space in one of Synergy Global Housing's San Diego properties.

Sample living space in one of Synergy’s San Diego properties.

Synergy has the tools and resources needed to stay current on the laws and rules – not just in San Diego, but globally. We’ve built our reputation as an industry leader by making our guests’ needs our top priority. Whether it’s interior design, green living or politics, Synergy is committed to staying informed about any issue that may affect our clients’ travels.

Synergy will also know how many days a stay needs to last in each neighborhood to avoid these restrictions. Working with a knowledgeable sales representative will help ensure your next trip to San Diego is the right amount of time, with just the right amount of fun.

Make your plans early, and make them with a respected industry professional to ensure what you want from your next visit to San Diego is exactly what you get. Contact Synergy at (858) 242-5900 or to schedule an appointment with one of our market experts.

9 Synergy Properties With Access To A Great Park

The corporate traveler is typically surrounded in a concrete jungle made of high-rise buildings and concrete. Simply walking from an office building to your curbside UBER driver isn’t enough to clear your mind or burn excessive calories.

Take a Walk in the Park Day (yes, it’s a real thing) was created especially for those too busy to enjoy the physical and mental benefits from a nature walk. And with properties around the globe, Synergy has a ton of housing options to meet any need – even those looking for an outdoor escape.

In honor of today’s “holiday,” here are 9 Synergy Global Housing properties with access to amazing parks:

Patricia's Green - San Francisco by Edward Blake

NEMA / Patricia’s Green (San Francisco, California)

Already known as one of the premier residential properties in San Francisco, NEMA is only minutes away from a small, but uniquely-San Francisco, public park named Patricia’s Green.

Golden Gate and Dolores Park usually grab all of the headlines for San Francisco’s green spaces, but this area is the perfect outdoor getaway from the non-stop construction and development defining The City today.

Patricia’s Green has a grass field, a jungle gym, picnic tables and two dog-friendly lawns. San Francisco’s personality is also on display in the area, with public art installations in and around the park. This space, founded in 1999, can become busy during weekday lunches with several dining options in the neighborhood giving workers an outdoor escape during their lunch hour.

Hyde Park - Sydney, Australia

Fraser Suites Sydney – Hyde Park (Sydney, Australia)

Fraser Suites Sydney is located adjacent to the Darling Harbour precinct, meaning it’s only a 5-minute walk to the city’s oldest public park, Hyde Park.

Park Street divides the area, with the two sections known as Hyde Park north and Hyde Park south. The northern half is famous for its monuments, including the park’s centerpiece, Archibald Fountain. The ANZAC Memorial and the Pool of Reflection headline Hyde Park south’s offerings.

Well-known for its fig tree lines avenues, Hyde Park takes its name from London’s famous park.

River Oaks Park - San Jose, California

Crescent Village / River Oaks Park (San Jose, California)

This apartment community was purposely built around River Oaks Park, a five-acre park with tennis courts, playground and running trails.

Crescent Village is actually six different apartment buildings forming one complete residential community. Each of the buildings is a tennis ball’s throw from the park. The open fields around the park are perfect for dogs, while the playground provides the perfect spot for children to burn off some energy.

The park’s clean public restrooms are also a hit with reviewers on Yelp.

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Treetops Executive Residences / The Singapore Botanic Gardens (Singapore)

Treetops Executive Residences already take advantage of the outdoors with is tropical enclave surrounding the property, but only a 10-minute drive is the world-famous Singapore Botanic Gardens.

The 156-year old tropical garden has been names Asia’s top park attraction by TripAdvisor, and was declared the inaugural Garden of the Year by the International Garden Tourism Awards in 2012.

The 202-acre garden contains the world’s largest collection of orchids, was recently named a UNESCO World Heritage Site by the United Nations and receives about 4.5 million visitors every year.

Plummer Park - West Hollywood, California

The Huxley / Plummer Park (West Hollywood, California)

Five blocks from The Huxley rests a massive outdoor recreational area named Plummer Park.

Almost every kind of outdoor activity can occur at Plummer Park with its open grass fields, tables and benches, children’s playground, basketball and tennis courts, community center and dog park.

The key to healthy living is diet and exercise, and Plummer Park also has your dietary needs covered. The Helen Albert Certified Farmers’ Market occurs every Monday, 9am-2pm, in the parking lot for Plummer Park.

St Stephens Green - Dublin, Ireland

Leeson Street Apartments / St. Stephen’s Green (Dublin, Ireland)

The Leeson Street Apartments are located right in the heart of Dublin’s City Centre district. This setting means you are only a 3-minute walk to St. Stephen’s Green, the largest park among the various garden squares in Dublin.

Originally, Stephen’s Green was used mainly as a public punishment center for criminals after it was enclosed in 1664. The area was a private park from 1814 to 1880, but underwent a massive renovation in 1880, as part of Sir Arthur Guinness’ plan to make the park public.

The historical evolution of Ireland is on display throughout the park, with many statues and monuments created centuries ago.

Centrum Park - San Diego, California

Ariva / Centrum Park (San Diego, California)

Located next to Synergy’s  featured property, Ariva, is Centrum Park, a park with both a playground and a spacious grass field.

The white sand playground has slides, swings and picnic tables for the little ones. The grass field is popular with the dog community, as its large size gives owners enough room to bond with their pooch.

Feel free to bring your tablet if you want to sit at a table and read in the sunshine. Centrum Park has Wi-Fi for all visitors.

Hyde Park - London, England

Hertford Street Apartments – Hyde Park (London)

Sitting on the doorstep to London’s Hyde Park are the Hertford Street Apartments. The complex has many modern amenities, such as The Met Bar and Nobu, but its location to the park can take you back in time to multiple eras of Great Britain’s capital.

Covering 350 acres, Hyde Park is arguably London’s most famous park and contains many of the city’s most famous landmarks. Hyde stretches from Kensington Palace, past the main entrance to Buckingham Palace, to Whitehall, a road which leads to Parliament Square.

Hyde Park also hosts several festivals throughout the year, such as Winter Wonderland during the holidays and BBC Proms in the Park in September.

Moitozo Park - San Jose, California

North Park / Moitozo Park (San Jose, California)

There are six buildings that make up the North Park community, with each building surrounding Moitozo Park, a five-acre grassy area lined with palm trees.

Moitozo Park may not have many amenities, but makes up for it with its size. The grass field accounts for almost all of the park’s real estate. The flat and open layout makes it the ideal space for pick-up soccer and ultimate Frisbee matches.

A tree-lined sidewalk border runs along the outside of the field, offering joggers a path to work on their cardio. Each lap of the path is about half a mile.

Synergy’s global presence gives you, the traveler, the ability to customize your living space based on needs – even if that need is a great park.

Happy Take a Walk in the Park Day!

Synergy Showcase at ERC’s Shanghai Summit

From left, Diana Ong, Peter Meyers, Sheena Chan and Kaie Lim.

Diana Ong, Peter Meyers, Sheena Chan and Kaie Lim were Synergy Global Housing’s representatives at this year’s Worldwide ERC’ Shanghai Summit.

Worldwide ERC’s Shanghai Summit is one of the premier relocation mobility events in Asia Pacific. It gives the Synergy APAC Global Solutions Center team the opportunity to meet with our clients and partners that they don’t regularly meet with in person, as well as attend the breakout sessions to further educate and collaborate on current industry issues.

When Synergy made its first-ever appearance at last year’s Shanghai Summit, the primary goal was to promote Synergy’s global rebranding. This year, the focus was on client outreach.

“The face-to-face meetings help establish a more personal touch, which is a fundamental aspect of our brand,” Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, Peter Meyers said.

Meyers, based out of Synergy’sAmericas Global Solutions Center in San Ramon, CA, wasn’t the only person that had to travel to make the conference. Because the APAC team is based in Singapore, Managing Director Diana Ong, Director of Global Solutions Katie Lim and Account Executive Sheena Chan also flew to China to be a part of the event.

With Meyers surrounding himself with the three women, the group began to brand themselves, “Charlie’s Angels.”

Peter's Angels

Peter’s “angels”

While the focus of the trip was building connections with clients, suppliers and other partners, the team still managed to find some time to enjoy Shanghai. Meyers took a walk along the Huangpu River, visited the Shanghai Museum and dined in his favorite local neighborhood, the French Concession.

Lim said the highlight of her trip was getting the chance to walk through the city and enjoy the local restaurants.

“When in Asia, it’s all about eating,” Lim said.

Additional travel tips to China:

Kaie Lim, Synergy Global Housing Director of Global Solutions

Kaie Lim, Synergy Global Housing Director of Global Solutions

Katie Lim: Keep an open mind when traveling in Asia. Be aware of the Chinese culture and perhaps read up a little on some of the etiquettes, mannerism that are typical in the Chinese culture. It’s always good to get the name and address of the Hotel written in Chinese for safe keeping. It can come in handy when you get lost or you’re taking public transport back to your hotel.




Peter Meyers, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations

Peter Meyers, Executive Vice President, Global Sales, Marketing and Operations

Peter Meyers: Shanghai is a world city and offers something for everyone. Enjoy the usual visitor activities – shopping on Nanijing Rd, walking around The Bund, taking a night river cruise on the Huangpu. And then, more importantly, get off the beaten path and enjoy the less touristy sections of town, eat locally and get lost. Life is meant to be experienced and nothing quite beats getting out of one’s comfort zone.

To contact Synergy’s APAC Global Solutions Center about your next business trip to the Asia-Pacific region, email or call +65 6692 9105.

Lessons Learned from a Business Trip to San Diego

Synergy Global Housing Sales Assistant Dolores Estrada

Synergy Global Housing Business Development Associate Dolores Estrada

Ask anyone for travel advice and the recommendations you receive might not ever end. That’s the first lesson I learned on a recent visit to San Diego.

I had never been to San Diego before, but as a Business Development Associate at Synergy Global Housing I had the opportunity to visit Southern California on a business trip last week. I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss any great experiences during my first visit to the area, so I asked anyone I knew for San Diego’s “must-see destinations.”

I received so much travel advice that once I arrived at the San Diego International Airport, I knew I would never be able to fit it all into my schedule. Instead of trying to fit all that advice into one trip, I focused on using my adventure-seeking skills and became a tourist on my own discovery terms.

I think I made the right decision because the main thing I learned on my trip to San Diego is that it’s the kind of place that you can’t overwhelm yourself with everything. You have to learn to enjoy the experiences of San Diego as they come.

Here are my top five favorite memories from my first time in San Diego.

Amazing sculpture outside of Porkyland.

Amazing sculpture outside of Porkyland.

Porkyland – Carmel Valley

I wanted some fresh seafood and a business associate recommended Porkyland for a quick lunch. I ordered some fried fish tacos and I think my taste buds are still in recovery. They were so good!

I ate these life-changing tacos outside next to a beautiful art sculpture to better enjoy San Diego’s weather. Porkyland was the perfect spot for an on-the-go weekday lunch.

The outside of the Air Conditioned Lounge in San Diego.

The outside of the Air Conditioned Lounge in San Diego.

The Air Conditioned Lounge – San Diego

At a business lunch I had casually mentioned my love of house music. One of the San Diego locals recommended I check out this nightclub, which offers an amazing showcase of dance music on Friday evenings. I really enjoyed this spot because of the music and because it was located away from the overcrowded tourist-heavy downtown scene.

My bike ride around Coronado Island included a stop by this mural.

My bike ride around Coronado Island included a stop by this mural.

Coronado Island

A $4 ferry ride took me across the San Diego Bay to this resort island city, and I immediately fell for the beautiful views and amazing beach.

I rented a beach cruiser bike and began my own tour of the area. I had a map to guide me, but chose to follow other bike riders down multiple paths along the shoreline, eventually circumnavigating the entire island. I saw kids playing on the beach, rollerbladers, speed boats passing by in the water and a painting class being conducted outside the historic Hotel del Coronado.

The leisurely atmosphere provided by the bike ride allowed me to explore the Island on my time and on my terms, and was the ideal way to see this beautiful area.

Drinks and dessert at George's at the Cove.

Drinks and dessert at George’s on the Cove.

George’s at the Cove – La Jolla

All I really wanted was a nice place to grab a drink and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean as I left Coronado Island. I struck up a conversation with a local couple on the ferry, who recommended George’s at the Cove.

The combination of a scenic Pacific view, strong mixed drinks, tasty food and amazing service made this the perfect place to sit and watch the sunset for an isolated tourist. I had never tried tombo before, but being so close to the Pacific made me crave seafood. The Hawaiian-inspired albacore tuna was the perfect complement to my cocktail and ocean terrace view.

Some of Ocean Beach's finest graffiti art.

Some of Ocean Beach’s finest graffiti art.

Ocean Beach – San Diego

All the recommendations I received advised me to check out Pacific Beach, locally referred to as ‘PB,’ but I ended up in the Ocean Beach neighborhood instead and still had a blast.

I was amazed at how similar Ocean Beach’s atmosphere was to the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco. The area is heavily influenced by the local surfing community, with its chill attitude and graffiti street art.

I had also intended to go shopping at the small boutiques in the area, but the vibes I got from the beach kept my toes in the sand for most of the day.

This list is definitely incomplete, but that’s part of the joy of traveling.

I may have gone on this trip by myself, but with Synergy’s help, I certainly wasn’t alone. With options from Carlsbad to Coronado, and a region that can service any lifestyle and need, Synergy has an expert team in San Diego that can find the right accommodations for you. Call (858) 242-5900 to get in contact with a Synergy representative.

How to Enjoy St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin from a Native

There are certain cities in the world that immediately bring to mind a special event. Like New Orleans and Mardi Gras, Rio de Janeiro and Carnival or Munich and Oktoberfest.

Another notable city/holiday combination (especially this week) is Dublin and St. Patrick’s Day.

We checked in with Synergy Global Housing’s EMEA Global Solutions Center in Dublin to get their perspective on the holiday, and find out how a real Irishman celebrates the country’s patron saint. Suzanne Smith, EMEA Managing Director has seen the holiday and the surrounding party evolve over the years while growing up in Ireland.

Photo by William Murphy

Photo by William Murphy

One Day, Two Types of Parties

Smith recommends that you match your holiday celebration with the type of fun you’re looking to have. There are options for family-friendly events and events for adults with a strong liver.

“If you have young children we have a huge parade in the morning of St. Patrick’s Day in the city center,” Smith said. “The streets are quartered off. There are a lot of country-wide workshops that work all year to build these amazing floats for the parade. It’s gotten bigger and bigger and better and better every year. We will have more than a million people turn out this year.”

The other side of St. Patrick’s Day is the all-day pub crawls for a more mature audience.

Irish law prohibited bars and pubs from being open on the holiday up until the 1970s. Once those laws were rescinded, Dublin began taking its cue from the St. Patrick’s Day parades in the United States and centered more of the day’s events on alcohol consumption.

“If you go into the city around lunchtime, there will be lots and lots of people getting drunk,” Smith said. “It’s not a particularly nice place to have your kids around. I personally haven’t been to the parade in years. I try to avoid the city center on St. Patrick’s Day, as do a lot of other Irish people.”

Smith says that while most locals try to avoid the heart of Dublin on the holiday, it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re from out of town and looking for the traditional Irish experience. She adds that the best way to ensure a good time is to prepare for the experience you wish to have.

“Be prepared for a lot of people in a very small area,” Smith said. “Be prepared to pay an extortionate amount for a pint of Guinness. Be prepared for the pubs to be absolutely packed. Dress warm. Be prepared to be surrounded by drunken people out having fun. It’s not the place for the faint-hearted or a teetotaler. If you’re going to go, you will have a good time.”

Top 3 London: A Full List

At Synergy, London holds a special place in our hearts. Besides being a dream vacation for many members of the team, three members in particular have a special connection with the English capital. Ms. Denise D’Mello, the Director of Global Solutions calls this city her home. Amy Ramskill, an integral part of the L.A. sales team, lived in London for seven years, and Paige Gildner, a marketing intern, graduated high-school from The American School in London. Denise, Amy and Paige co-created this post because Synergy is internally intwined with this fabulous city, and is making great strides to increase the properties available for our guests and clients. We hope this “Top 3 London” tour guide will lead our guests to the best places to eat & drink, shop, stroll and explore in London.

Top 3 Items to Pack


1. Smart Trench Coat: Think in layers when traveling around London. Amy says, “It can be hot on the Tube, cold outside, and comfortable in the attractions.” A smart trench coat like the Banana Republic Classic Belted Trench is an attractive outer layer which you can shed easily, and check at a museum’s coat-check.

2. Comfortable Flats: Whether you are commuting to work, or walking around the city on the weekend, a pair of comfortable yet trendy flats is a must-have for any fashion-savvy woman. Denise says, “When I see clients I wear my flats then slip my heels on at the bus stop.” A metal toe like the Kate Spade Eddie Flat is a fresh fall twist on the classic pointed toe flat. Looking for a less expensive option? Try the Mia 2 Jay Flat to get the same look.

3. Sunglasses: Denise says, “I know it sounds mad [to pack sunglasses] but the winter sun is so bright and when the sun comes out after it rains, it’s blinding!” The stylish “cat-eye” lens, shown on the Tom Ford Matina Sunglasses, is funky and fun and looks good on all face shapes.


1. Smart Pea Coat: For men who do not want to wear a full trench-coat, a pea-coat is a smart alternative. While wool might be a heavy material for everyday wear, it is a classic look and will last for multiple falls and winters. The Bayswater Pea Coat from J.Crew is a timeless investment.

2. Brief Case: For a business man in the city, an attractive leather brief case is a must. The Trafalgar Arlington Briefcase allows you to travel comfortably on public transportation and will conveniently hold everything you might need during a day at the office.

3. Jeans: Dark wash jeans like the 7 for All Mankind  Standard Pacificka Jean are a wardrobe staple and will allow you to easily transition from a business casual work-day to an after-work pint at the Pub.

Top 3 Quintessential London Activities

What do you think of when you think of London? The Royal Palace? Afternoon tea? Black cabs and double-decker buses? Whatever it may be, here are our top three choices for capturing that quintessential London moment.

Enjoy an Afternoon Tea at The Dorchester.

1. Afternoon Tea at the Dorchester

2. Fish & Chips at Poppies: Fish and chips (the British slang for French Fries) is an inexpensive and authentic way to enjoy one of the most famous meals in the United Kingdom.

3. Sunday Roast & Yorkshire Pudding at The Montague Arms: Sunday Roast and Yorkshire Pudding will keep you full and warm on a drizzly Sunday afternoon. The cozy decor of The Montague Arms pub will add lasting effect.

Top 3 Tourist Attractions

With so much to see in the city, the choices of what attractions to spend money on and which ones you should hold off on may seem daunting. We’ve tried to narrow down what we think are the tourist attractions well worth the money.

1. Tower of London: Adults and children alike will be enthralled during the tours led by the Tower’s own Yeoman Warders, also known as the Beef Eaters. The history behind this mighty tower encapsulates the rule of the monarchy in England, not omitting the gruesome stories of famous beheadings or spooky ghost stories. As Paige’s favorite tourist attraction in London,  the Tower is one spot you can absolutely not miss.

2. The London Eye: For some of the best views of the city and an enjoyable experience on-board one of the largest Ferris Wheels in the world, take a ride on the London Eye.

The image which made Abbey Road famous.

3. Red Bus to Abbey Road: Seeing the Abbey Road crosswalk is a must for any Beatles fan or music lover. Locals are used to pausing for tourists in the crosswalk, giving you the chance to snap your own rendition of the famous album cover.

What do we think you can afford to miss? Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, The London Dungeon and The Changing of the Guards Ceremony which Amy says is better on T.V.!

Top 3 Museums

View of the Tate Modern crossing the Millennium Bridge.

1. Tate Modern: Amy says, “Have a cappuccino or glass of wine on Level 7, overlooking the Millennium Bridge.”

2. British Museum: Rotating exhibitions, including the Shakespeare exhibit currently on display, keep this museum one of the most interesting museums the city has to offer.

3. Natural History Museum: Free entry and loads of kid-friendly exhibits will keep you and your family entertained for hours.

Top 3 Weekend Markets

1. Portobello Market in Notting Hill: You will be amazed by the huge variety of fresh produce, clothing, jewelry and antiques the stalls on Portobello Road have to offer. Do not miss stopping into the Notting Hill Bookstore, made famous by the 1999 Romantic Comedy starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, “Notting Hill”.

2. Camden Market: For those with artsy and eclectic taste, Camden Market will become a haven.

3. Borough Market: Denise suggests a weekend visit to Borough Market during lunchtime, followed by a walk down the Embankment up to Westminster Bridge. This is a great day itinerary to catch some of the many sites along the waterfront.

Rainy Day Activities

While it isn’t always rainy and cold in London, it is important to have some back-up activities on days when your umbrella is your best friend, and the gray sky is drizzling.

1. Catch a Matinee at the Royal Opera House

2. Explore Harrods and dine in the Market Halls: Amy’s favorite tastes in the Market Halls are the seafood and champagne.

The lights of Harrods at night.

3. Take the Eurostar to Paris: Amy suggests escaping the rainy city altogether and taking short train trip to la ville de l’amour.  She adds, “I love the train in the rain!”

Top 3 Dinner Spots

1. Belgos: This chain restaurant with three locations in London offers beer, mussels and “all things Belgian”. For a fun and unique dining experience at a reasonable price, Belgos is the place to be. $$

2. Nobu Park Lane: In London, Nobu is synonymous with mouth-watering Japanese food and sushi. Denise recommends the signature Black Cod which she says is “melt-in-your-mouth amazing”. $$$

3. Fifteen by Jamie Oliver: This retro-style, “Italian-led” restaurant by renowned chef Jamie Oliver donates profits to the Better Food Foundation. $$

Please share your London experiences with us and enjoy your time in this amazing city!

A Day in Cambridge, MA

Corresponding with a few new Synergy units in Cambridge, Massachusetts, we are excited to create a tour guide for any and all of our guests who might find themselves in this town in New England known best for the Ivy league college, Harvard, which calls it home.

The Harvard Book Store in Harvard Square.

Cambridge is a true gem in Massachusetts. Boston neighbors this city of over 100,000 residents, but there is enough to do in Cambridge alone that makes a trip into the capital an afterthought. To begin your day, start by walking around the Harvard campus and check out the Harvard Museum of Natural History. This kid-friendly museum is best known for its dinosaurs and amazing exhibit of over 4,000 glass flowers. After you’ve gotten your learn on, venture into the bustling Harvard Square, which includes the infamous Harvard book-store and some great shopping.  If you are hungry, stop for lunch at the trendy Wagamama Noodle Bar, which originated in London but recently opened a few locations in the Boston area. Order the Yaki Soba or Yasai Katsu Curry, and wash it down with a fresh juice. You won’t be disappointed.

Views of Boston from the Charles River.

In the afternoon, make your way to the Charles River and soak in some views of Boston. If you are feeling energetic, crossing the river on one of the many footbridges is a quintessential thing to do in this city. Or, just set up under a shady tree and watch the activity on the river. Keep an eye out for the crew teams from Harvard & MIT, and watch for the boats of the world famous Boston Duck Tours.

When dinner time rolls around, head to the Miracle of Science Bar & Grill, for an amazing burger and pint. The crowd here is what you would typically expect to find in an intelligent college town; a mixed crowd of geek-chic, artsy folk, and musicians all enjoying themselves make this an ideal place to casually grab dinner and have some intellectual conversations.

The funky and independent Brattle Theater.

After dinner, head to the Brattle Theater, a beautiful and funky independent movie theater which is known for its repertory program of showing films for an extended period of time that all fit a particular genre or subject. If you are interested in seeing a classic or foreign film, Brattle Theater should be where you look first.

To round out your perfect day in this New England city, grab a pint at The Druid, a stellar Irish pub. Cambridge has always had a large Irish population, and they know how to create a token Irish pub experience. With a full day of sight-seeing, shopping, and eating behind you, we hope you have enjoyed your day in Cambridge!

Did you do something not included on this list, or stumble upon an unmentioned restaurant or experience? Don’t forget to share your find with us in the comments section, and stay tuned for our next tour-guide!

Soaking up the Sun in San Diego!

Synergy Housing opened its doors to a San Diego office nearly one year ago. Since then, we have acquired some remarkable units in this beachy California city, and are please to accommodate guests there throughout the year. Our most recent unit in San Diego is a part of the revolutionary Circa 37, an eco-friendly complex dedicated to sustainability and healthy-living. During your next trip to San Diego, we hope you will take the time to fully appreciate the laid-back and life-loving attitude of the thousands of Californians that call this city home. Need some ideas of how to best do this? Let Synergy’s first blog travel-guide lead you from the can’t-miss attractions to the yummiest restaurants in San Diego!


San Diego boasts over 30 public beaches, all sure to please if you have a day filled with sun and sand in mind. From Pacific Beach and Mission Beach to Carlsbad, the beaches in San Diego are the perfect place for sun-bathing, sand-castle building and watching the spectacular West Coast sunsets.

Aerial of Pacific Beach and Mission Valley

Balboa Park

Balboa Park – The Art of Practice & Mediation

Balbao Park is a true gem for culture and arts in San Diego. With a rich history, and a huge selection of museums, gardens, and family attractions, the 1,200 acres which make up this lush urban park will entertain you all day long. A variety of free and paid tours are available throughout the week, or you can stroll along the many trails at your own pace. Don’t miss the fascinating art-and-craft Mingei International Museum and stop to smell the flowers in the Rose Garden. While enjoying the scenery, try and find Balboa Park’s hidden garden. Here’s a hint: think tropical! Take your time in this beautiful park, as once you step foot into this green oasis, you won’t be in any rush to leave.


Visiting the island of Coronado is a must for first-time travelers to San Diego. It’s own city, Coronado is connected to the main land by a two mile long soaring bridge, and the scenery from the bridge is almost worth the trip alone. Coronado is home to the iconic Hotel Del Coronado, a Victorian-style masterpiece which is sure to please your inner architect. According to The Travel Channel, “Hotel Del” is the number-one wedding spot in the US, and the Coronado beach was recently named the #1 Best Beach in America by Florida International University professor and coastal expert Stephen P. Leatherman, a.k.a. “Dr. Beach”. For a local destination with some mediterranean flare, don’t skimp on a day-trip to Coronado.

Pizza Port

Pizza Port

If your day of sight-seeing has left you famished and looking for easy bite to eat, Pizza Port Carlsbad is the answer. With a huge selection of “grog”, the local beers and draft favorites won’t leave you dissappointed or thirsty, and a unique selection of pizzas from pesto chicken to black bean and veggie will satisfy every taste-bud. Pizza Port is an ultimate family experience, with tasty grub and a lively atmosphere. Order more than you’re hungry for because the left-overs are just as good as the originals.

K’nB Wine Cellars

Thirsty? K’nB Wine Cellars is a hidden gem tucked away in the Del Cerro shopping center off of College Ave. With 30 beers rotating on tap, a huge selection of local and global wine, and a great menu of appetizers or entrees, the service and price can’t be beat. The outdoor seating area delivers some of the divine San Diego air, and you will enjoy every minute of your experience, whether it’s for a quick cocktail, or a full night out.

Truluck’s in La Jolla

If being in San Diego has left you craving seafood, Truluck’s will satisfy your tastebuds and deliver an ultimate dining experience. Consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in San Diego, Truluck’s is known for its outstanding food and excellent ambiance and service. Trulucks guarantees the freshest seafood, serving it from boat to table in a 24 hour period. Leave the kids with a sitter, and spend a well-deserved dinner at Truluck’s.

Kayaking & Paddleboarding Lessons

Kayaking in San Diego

Spend some time on the water with a kayaking or paddleboarding lesson. Make sure and go through Aqua Adventures, a company that boasts great service, a fun experience, and friendly people. Plus, they’re dog friendly! The prices are unbeatable, with kayak rentals starting at $16.50/hour. Take in San Diego in a new way on a kayak or paddleboard!

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