How Evolving Short-Term Rental Laws Are Affecting Corporate Housing In San Diego

San Diego Bay

The San Diego Bay

Editor’s Note: This article was originally  published on the San Diego Tourism Authority’s website.


With a variety of dining options, landmarks and beaches, San Diego has become one of the nation’s top tourism destinations. But new regulations have been imposed or are being discussed for San Diego County that could reshape the region’s tourism industry.

Since April 2015, the San Diego City Council has discussed tightening restrictions on private homeowners renting out their residences as vacation lodgings. Credit the “shared economy effect,” there has been a proliferation of people renting out entire homes or single bedrooms for short-term stays.

The council has debated preventing homeowners from renting out their property to guests staying fewer than 21 days. The issue isn’t confined to the city of San Diego either, as Solana Beach just enacted regulations on short-term rentals fewer than 7 days in length and Coronado bans home rental stays of fewer than 26 days.

The concern behind these new laws is that the online sites don’t properly screen property owners for guest safety and that these properties have an unfair advantage against licensed establishments (like hotels or bed and breakfasts). Several permanent residents are also worried about a growing chasm between themselves and the vacationers in their communities.

Many cities in California have already enacted laws affecting the short-term rental industry. San Francisco became one of the first when it prohibited some types of rentals that lasted fewer than 30 days. But San Francisco’s response was based on rising rent costs and the area’s housing shortage crisis.

San Diego is in a completely different situation due to the impact these restrictions may have on the tourism industry. By eliminating short-term housing, these areas have reduced the number of lodging options for tourists, which can raise the average price for a room. More choices for vacationers can often lead to a cheaper stay.

Carlsbad had tourism in mind last year when it limited short-term rentals to only the areas within the city’s coastal zone.

The local cities looking to regulate this industry have applied varying rules and restrictions depending on each area’s needs and worries. In the case of Carlsbad, these laws change from block-to-block.

Because there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, staying up-to-date on the constantly-evolving laws in every city can take all the fun out of a San Diego vacation. That’s why it’s important to rely on a respected voice within the hospitality industry.

Instead of having to trust some guy online with a spare room for rent, add confidence to your next vacation by booking through one of the premier leaders in short-term furnished apartments – Synergy Global Housing.

Sample living space in one of Synergy Global Housing's San Diego properties.

Sample living space in one of Synergy’s San Diego properties.

Synergy has the tools and resources needed to stay current on the laws and rules – not just in San Diego, but globally. We’ve built our reputation as an industry leader by making our guests’ needs our top priority. Whether it’s interior design, green living or politics, Synergy is committed to staying informed about any issue that may affect our clients’ travels.

Synergy will also know how many days a stay needs to last in each neighborhood to avoid these restrictions. Working with a knowledgeable sales representative will help ensure your next trip to San Diego is the right amount of time, with just the right amount of fun.

Make your plans early, and make them with a respected industry professional to ensure what you want from your next visit to San Diego is exactly what you get. Contact Synergy at (858) 242-5900 or to schedule an appointment with one of our market experts.

Keepin’ it Fresh: Food Revolution Week Re-Cap

Food RevolutionOn May 13, 2013 Capital M’s Jamie-Oliver-inspired organic-fest kicked off to bring together foodies all over the world. Few restaurants can wave the organic banner as credibly, or as enthusiastically, as Capital M. They’ve been seeking local, organic food since 1992 and remain a strong figure in a now burgeoning flock of organic/vegan/wholefoods cafes and restaurants across the city. Now, paying homage to food warrior Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, they are dedicating an entire week to all things organic.

In spirit of Jamie’ Oliver’s Food revolution Day, our employees decided to get creative and host a cooking demo for some of our guests. While the food prepared was not quite organic, we did cover important tips of how to eat healthy while you are on the go. Everyone can relate that when you are traveling, it is SO much easier to go out to eat or order take out, but what happened to that healthy kick you’ve been keeping up lately?  Check out our Traveling Nutrition Tips below and tap into the cooking gallery to see what it’s like to cook with Synergy!

Traveling Nutrition Tips: Smart Travel Reminders

  1. Don’t skip meals! Aim to eat roughly every 3 hours.Pre-Demo 5
  2. Stay hydrated. Drink .5-1.0 oz. per pound of body weight per day. This is especially important with air travel. Aim to drink about 8 ounces of fluid every hour on the plane.
  3. Bring bars. Granola and protein bars are great for snacks and pre- and post-workout nutrition.
  4. Include lean protein at each meal. Choose foods like grilled chicken, fish, and pork (white meat), beef, beans, and legumes. Opt for sandwiches made with turkey, ham, or roast beef.
  5. Eat healthy carbohydrates. Add a baked potato (be careful of toppings), brown rice, whole wheat pasta and bread, beans/legumes, etc.
  6. Add color. Include fresh fruit or vegetable at every meal.\
  7. Search for healthy foods. You can build a great sandwich or salad and find trail mix, nuts, bars, and water at any kiosk or airport store.

Sample Meals and Snacks

  • Turkey Breast and avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread with veggies like tomato, cucumber, lettuce, and sprouts, and onions. Hold the mayo to save 100 or more calories.
  • Whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce, grilled chicken, and a side of vegetable. No whole wheat pasta? Swap extra veggies for half of the regular pasta.
  • A piece of fresh fruit (wash it with water) and nuts – half or whole pack, depending on size.

Build a Super Smoothie

  1. Start with 5-10 cubes of ice.

Smoothie pic

Tips for Creating a Delicious Smoothie

Smoothie Sweets

For more delicious smoothies, visit Core Performance to access tasty recipes!

Synergy Spotlight

New Faces at Synergy!

Learn a bit about three new Synergy team members spotlighted here.


Laura is a Las Vegas native with extensive experience in the hospitality industry, beginning her career in corporate housing in 1985. She  held escalating positions throughout her tenure with one of the nation’s largest corporate housing providers before joining Synergy this year. 28 years in this industry has taught her to listen to the customer, execute and deliver excellence in service by team collaboration and contribution.

A mother of one wonderful college-age son, currently residing in Los Angeles and will oversee the SoCal Operations. Laura is excited about her new role with Synergy and being a part of this dynamic family!

WinniVdPWinni joins Synergy with over 28 years of experience in the corporate housing industry, the later 15 of those years in Relocation. Winni also joins our Los Angeles team and will be focusing on building new relationships and fostering current ones with Synergy’s relocation partners.

Born in California, Winni is 1st generation Dutch and can speck Dutch fluently. Living in Long Beach, she spends her time with family, friends, gardening and decorating. She says she had always heard how great and wonderful Synergy is to work for and be a part of.


Lawrence Olson debuts with Synergy as a Guest Service Representative in Synergy’s San Diego office.  A native San Diegan, Lawrence brings a wealth knowledge to the Synergy team with expertise in hospitality and operations. Lawrence’s extensive travel throughout the US  enables him to identify Synergy as Best-in-Class when it comes to service and guest experience. Lawrence joins his sister Christie who is already a part of the San Diego sales team and together they are a dynamic family.

In his spare time Lawrence is a car enthusiast and enjoys tinkering with his car. In the kitchen Lawrence takes on Emeril Lagasse with his secret sauce for homemade spaghetti.

Welcome to the Synergy Family!

Synergy goes to Dreamforce!


This gallery contains 8 photos.

Welcome to Dreamforce! I highly recommend this conference to any business professional. Not only do you get to spend four incredible days in San Francisco, but you are surrounded with THOUSANDS of others, all motivated to learn and reach goals … Continue reading

San Francisco Instagrammed

San Francisco Instagrammed

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Clockwise from the left: The Iconic Golden Gate Bridge, St. Ignatius Towers, Colorful Facades – Inner Richmond, SF Cables w/ City Hall Background, Downtown Rush Hour,  AT&T Park – Home of the Giants, Legendary Blue Bottle Coffee – Mint Plaza, Dolores Park in the Mission, Bay Bridge 7AM Fog, View from a Synergy Apartment at Golden Gateway – Embarcadero

Business’ Lifeline Through Innovations

According to Hublot CEO, Jean Claude Biver, when times get tough, spend more?

Not exactly the advice one would expect in times of financial crisis, but as Biver digressed, the explanation became clear. In the article posted by CNBC, Luxury Watchmaker Combats Global Slowdown by Spending More”, Jean-Claude Biver explains the importance of investment in innovation and how it will maintain his company’s future success.

Hublot is a Swiss enterprise that was founded in 1908 and has been creating luxury watches on a global scale. Biver, the current CEO, recently tapped into the Chinese market and now exports 40% of his products to China. Initially the penetration of the Asian markets was bound to gain profits however, the topical 7.6% decrease in China’s GDP has given the time piece industry a lot to think about. Watches within the ranges of four to seven figure price tags is not exactly an item most struggling citizens have a budget for, but the company has come up with a plan in hopes of mastering the future. Biver told NBC, “There is only one way to catch up, that is to make more noise than other, to make more noise, you need more investments.”  The depth behind his investments is that Biver’s mindset has been renovated into the great practices of innovation. He further explains how he anticipates the future, “The research and development is the only way to master the future. When there is no innovation, there is no future,” he said. “When the future is not clear, you must invest in innovation. The more you innovate, the more the future will be your friend.”

Recently, Biver’s company has patented the “Magic Gold” which is a gold metal that is scratch resistant. His idea is that in time of crisis, the type of product one produces needs to stand out and be differentiated within its industry. Consumers are targeted by vendors on what they want – Biver has taken a wanted, luxury product and created an aspect one consumer would now need to stay afloat in the debt crisis of Europe.

Although the watch making industry is a whirl wind opposite of corporate housing, Biver’s words speak true to any and all industries across the world. For example, Apple Inc. is one of the world’s most innovative companies in technology – products are always ahead of the curve and it continues to be one of the most successful industry leaders worldwide.

Compliments of IBM

Synergy has built its best practices on innovation alone. From our marketing initiatives to our unique services, Synergy strives to be a strong leader within the corporate housing industry. I feel that best practice leaders are those who constantly erase their business models and start over. Business Innovators push the envelope, accept risk, support a creative culture, and harvest ideas from any insightful mind involved. Innovative leaders encompass those around them by distinguishing the skill sets of an individual to delegate them to an area they will thrive most. The ability to encourage others growth in the possibility they might surpass yourself I feel is very inspiring. For one to set an ego aside, knowing that there is an individual on your team that could learn from your best practices, only to take it to the next level, is a leadership quality that is rare, yet it rakes the most benefits. A skill such as this is what sets companies and individuals apart to set themselves up for innovations. Biver and his team worked intimately to distinguish their product apart from their competitors – Biver anticipated the future at it’s worse only to surpass it and continue his success through innovations.

What are your thoughts on success through innovation and how do you think it effects your business?

Using Our “Newsletters” Tab

Last month, the marketing team at Synergy developed our first ever “Synnovations” newsletter. We will be releasing a newsletter each month packed with fresh content, exciting announcements, and testimonials from our guests.

From this date forward, you will be able to use the “Newsletters” tab on our blog to view an archive of our issues, and download each newsletter as a PDF. Simply roll over the “Newsletters” tab at the top of the page, and select the issue you’d like to view from the drop down menu.

Let us know what you think about this feature. What would you like to see in upcoming issues of Synnovations?


We are so very excited to join the blogging world! We hope that we can share our global experiences through our personal insights of new cities,  experiences, and guests. Synergy would like to create a more personal relationship with our guests as we would love to get to know YOU! So please sit back, relax and enjoy the trip 🙂