Synergy’s core values and focus are our People, Passion, and Innovation. The passion, dedication, and commitment of our team to one another, our clients, partners, guests, product, service, and vision guarantee our success. We thrive on being presented with challenges, and providing solutions that meet the needs of the clients that set forth those challenges.

“Synergy” is literally defined as the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects. In 2011, Synergy Corporate Housing took that definition to a new level of excellence.

We recognize that in today’s economic climate our clients require more than ever an efficient, cost effective housing resource that will meet their needs locally, domestically, and internationally, and a level of value that exceeds the traditional premium hotel options. The need is apparent for a one stop solution, where our guests’ housing needs can be quickly understood, fulfilled, and tailor fit to location, amenities and duration. To that end, we have taken the experience that has made Synergy the premier corporate housing provider throughout California and the west coast and applied that knowledge on a national and international scale. Through the formation of partnerships, with other like-minded “Best in Class” providers, Synergy has built a trusted network of corporate housing companies that provide an equivalent level of superior quality of service and product. To qualify as a partner in our network, a provider must meet and maintain the highest standards and undergo a rigorous screening and vetting process. Only the best candidates are accepted.

We are driven and motivated by providing an exceptional client and guest experience. Entrepreneurs at heart, we strive for perfection in everything we do. We listen to your needs and rely on teamwork and communication to develop and provide exceptionally managed temporary housing programs that suit your needs as your business grows and changes.

Synergy Corporate Housing understands the intricate details in managing corporate housing programs for companies located throughout the world. Bolstered by an unparalleled array of services, our business model combines the strength, efficiencies, and resources of a national organization, technology enabled systems and processes, and outstanding local area expertise. Synergy is now serving our customers in 28 countries with like-minded “best-in-class” partners on a worldwide basis. Delivering boutique services on a global platform that are custom tailored to meet each client’s individual needs.

Synergy has established a distinct framework grounded in a deep appreciation for People, Passion and Innovation.


We hope that you enjoy our blog where we share our experiences, ideas, and our deep passion for discovering all parts of the world!




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