Circa 37: Home in San Diego

Synergy is incredibly excited about our exclusive new units at Circa 37, an apartment complex located within the revolutionary Civita community in San Diego. Acknowledged for its sustainable efforts and recognized for its emphasis on vitality and enjoyable living, Circa 37 is a world-class complex with modern apartments and leading edge amenities.

During a recent business trip to San Diego, I was eager to see the beautiful complex in person, and meet two Synergy guests, Joe and Scot, who are currently living at Circa 37. Over coffee at the Starbucks (which was within walking distance of the community) we talked about their stay at Circa 37; what they think of their apartments, what moments have made their stay most enjoyable, and what they have been doing with their free time in San Diego.

Joe and Scot both seemed blown away by their apartments, and after visiting one to take pictures, I immediately understood why. The unit had a well-lit, spacious interior with modern yet comfortable furnishings. The walls were painted a warm taupe gray, and the accent art was tasteful and well-placed. Three bar-stools at the kitchen counter were an ideal space for evening conversation and the two flat-screen TVs (one in the master bedroom, the other in the living room) offered options for various television tastes.

Scot used the word “elegant” to describe his apartment and was a big fan of the fully stocked kitchen. Each kitchen in a Synergy unit is fully equipped with pots, pans, a toaster, a blender, utensils and dishes, a high quality knife set, as well as a variety of other kitchen necessities. He was waiting for his wife and children to make their move out to San Diego and expressed content knowing they would be comfortable in the apartment. “Circa 37 is a family friendly community,” he said, “and I am looking forward to having my family enjoy this place with me.”

Joe was specifically impressed with the quality of the furniture in the unit, which is comfortably accommodating him, his wife and their two children.  He recalled a less than sub-par experience he had with the bed in his unit with another corporate housing company, describing that when he laid down, the other side of the mattress would lift up. At Circa 37, he said, “The furniture is more of a high-grade quality than we are used to seeing, and Scot and I travel [for work] so we see a lot.”

The quality of the furniture and amenities in the apartment were impressive on their own, but the community amenities are what really make Circa 37 stand out.

Both Joe and Scot were exceptionally pleased with the variety of unrivaled amenities at the Circa 37 complex. A billiard room, 24-hour fitness center, and free Starbucks coffee in the modern lounge immediately set a relaxing and congenial atmosphere.

The pool at Circa 37 is truly something to see.  Walking onto the pool deck, I felt as though I had been transported to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean.  The junior Olympic-sized salt-water pool surrounded by cabanas equipped with flat-screen TVs, is its own kind of paradise and it was all I could do to keep from diving in. Joe recalled that one of the most enjoyable moments he has had at Circa 37 so far is spending weekends splashing around in the pool with his children.

Scot, who hadn’t used the pool yet, described the quality of the amenities perfectly when he mentioned that feeling we can all relate to: the comforts and reassurance to come home from work and just relax. The clubhouse, where he can shoot pool and “crank up the music” helps him do just that.

At Synergy, happy guests and clients are our central focus. We pride ourselves on creating enjoyable, memorable, and comfortable stays at our units. Both our Circa 37 guests were over-the-moon about the customer service they have received while interacting with Synergy and appreciated our constant attention to all of our guest’s needs and requests. They are eager to tell their coworkers about Synergy, and one of their biggest requests is that we get more units at Circa 37. At the end of the meeting, Joe joked he didn’t want to tell too many people about Circa 37 because he was afraid there wouldn’t be space for him if he were to ever return to the area. If that is one of his only complaints about his stay with Synergy at Circa 37 in San Diego, we feel like we are doing a pretty good job! He doesn’t have to worry as we will always have a place for him to stay with Synergy.

Business’ Lifeline Through Innovations

According to Hublot CEO, Jean Claude Biver, when times get tough, spend more?

Not exactly the advice one would expect in times of financial crisis, but as Biver digressed, the explanation became clear. In the article posted by CNBC, Luxury Watchmaker Combats Global Slowdown by Spending More”, Jean-Claude Biver explains the importance of investment in innovation and how it will maintain his company’s future success.

Hublot is a Swiss enterprise that was founded in 1908 and has been creating luxury watches on a global scale. Biver, the current CEO, recently tapped into the Chinese market and now exports 40% of his products to China. Initially the penetration of the Asian markets was bound to gain profits however, the topical 7.6% decrease in China’s GDP has given the time piece industry a lot to think about. Watches within the ranges of four to seven figure price tags is not exactly an item most struggling citizens have a budget for, but the company has come up with a plan in hopes of mastering the future. Biver told NBC, “There is only one way to catch up, that is to make more noise than other, to make more noise, you need more investments.”  The depth behind his investments is that Biver’s mindset has been renovated into the great practices of innovation. He further explains how he anticipates the future, “The research and development is the only way to master the future. When there is no innovation, there is no future,” he said. “When the future is not clear, you must invest in innovation. The more you innovate, the more the future will be your friend.”

Recently, Biver’s company has patented the “Magic Gold” which is a gold metal that is scratch resistant. His idea is that in time of crisis, the type of product one produces needs to stand out and be differentiated within its industry. Consumers are targeted by vendors on what they want – Biver has taken a wanted, luxury product and created an aspect one consumer would now need to stay afloat in the debt crisis of Europe.

Although the watch making industry is a whirl wind opposite of corporate housing, Biver’s words speak true to any and all industries across the world. For example, Apple Inc. is one of the world’s most innovative companies in technology – products are always ahead of the curve and it continues to be one of the most successful industry leaders worldwide.

Compliments of IBM

Synergy has built its best practices on innovation alone. From our marketing initiatives to our unique services, Synergy strives to be a strong leader within the corporate housing industry. I feel that best practice leaders are those who constantly erase their business models and start over. Business Innovators push the envelope, accept risk, support a creative culture, and harvest ideas from any insightful mind involved. Innovative leaders encompass those around them by distinguishing the skill sets of an individual to delegate them to an area they will thrive most. The ability to encourage others growth in the possibility they might surpass yourself I feel is very inspiring. For one to set an ego aside, knowing that there is an individual on your team that could learn from your best practices, only to take it to the next level, is a leadership quality that is rare, yet it rakes the most benefits. A skill such as this is what sets companies and individuals apart to set themselves up for innovations. Biver and his team worked intimately to distinguish their product apart from their competitors – Biver anticipated the future at it’s worse only to surpass it and continue his success through innovations.

What are your thoughts on success through innovation and how do you think it effects your business?